Friday, June 23, 2017


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MLA Citation Sheet (front and back)  (7th edition)  




Easy to understand resource that gives helpful steps forresearch papers.

The link to the left also contains links for free pictures and free music for school projects on the ACT page. 

INFOhio MLA citation help    

MLA help from Purdue University

             MLA sample paper
MLA 8th ed changes brochure  

Not all content providers for INFOhio resources (World Book, EBSCO, Science Online, etc.) immediately update their citation helpers when citation styles change. Many content providers have not yet updated to MLA8. Treat citation helpers as a starting point for a rough draft of a citation.


How to Google like a Boss

  7 helpful tips on how to search the internet using Google.



How to tell if a website is good or credible...

There are so many websites to choose from where anyone can become an author/creator and

try to sell you their ideas or products. You can't just believe everything that is out there on

the world wide web....

.com-These sites are usually from commercial businesses. They should not be you 1st choice.

.edu-These sites are educational organizations like universities and colleges. Check the grade

level of the class work on the web page.

.gov-These sites are government websites.

.org-These sites are from non-profit organizations.


Other things to look for when evaluating websites:    Website Evaluation


Information obtained from the American Library Association - October 2010