Sunday, July 05, 2020


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Distance Learning- Mrs. Israel

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March 23, 2020

Updates from Mrs. Israel

Hi parents and students-

This week morning meetings start at 11 AM.  Your 6th grader (those on my IEP caseload) should log in to Mrs. Israel’s Advisory Google Classroom and click the morning meeting Zoom launch meeting tab.

At morning meeting we will talk and catch up, go over upcoming assignments, check Progressbook’s missing homework document, and make plans for the day’s learning.  

Help your 6th grade get in the habit of  going to each google classroom each day. I like the suggestion Mrs. Popa shared with all of her classes before we left:   start with homeroom and go through their usual schedules, period by period, doing the work assigned. Each period has a google classroom.

When students have questions for any teacher they can email straight from their Chromebooks and their teachers can respond.  To email a teacher go to the middle school tab on the Clear Fork webpage, then click on staff, then click on the teacher's name.  Teacher email addresses are lastnamefirstinitial @ (no spaces).

And of course, I will be checking in with my students, and being available through Zoom meetings to help with anything students may need.  Parents, I love that you have been staying in touch with me. Thank you! As you have questions and need things please continue to do so. I will be calling within the week to hear how things are going from your end.    Our teamwork makes all the difference as we work together to help the kiddos have a successful end of a quite unusual school year!  

Take Care-Have Some Fun- Stay Healthy

Kathy Israel

6th grade intervention teacher