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                      Want to join S.L.A.C?

     S.L.A.C is the student library advisory committee. S.L.A.C members help with TEEN READ WEEK, making posters, and selling popcorn. If interested, see Mrs.Mottayaw. 

                   S.L.A.C. is also known as the Student Library Advisory Committee. It's directed by Mrs. Mottayaw. Together S.L.A.C. finds ways to promote the library. This year the committee is working very hard on promoting and decorating for Teen Read Week.The committee members help Mrs. Mottayaw by advising her on what the students would like in our library. They also give her suggestions for what would increase the popularity of the library's online presence. All around they help make a huge difference.

The next SLAC meeting is September 27th.

We will be planning Teen Read Week during 4th and 5th mod. bring  your lunches!